About Us

Meet Our Owner and Founder​

The daughter of the great Mexico City is what I have been since I was 17 until May 2002, when I moved to Canada, where I studied economics at the University of Manitoba.

Living in numerous places in Canada, such as Winnipeg, Edmonton and Comox, I decided to make Brandon my home in 2005. Within a week of moving to Brandon, I opened our store in the Town Centre; However, the limitations of this location were not favourable. We did not waver; alas, we made old Don Gardner’s Clothes our new place a year later.

Five (5) years later, we were tasked again with moving. The time spent allowed us to share in the warmth of our delicacies and interactions shared within those bites with the many groups of the maple leaf plant and more that came along with stories of their dreams and aspirations; Nevertheless, despite moving to our current location, 904 Rosser Ave, those stories never stopped being shared.

Today I believe I can say I am a part of a community and people’s everyday life; we cook flavours from home, import products, and send the money for family assistance.

Karla Ortega
Owner and Founder
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Our taste – Our identity

We ensure our taste alines with that of our customers with authentic imported products from the countries of origin to satisfy your longing for the taste of home and the world at large.

Authentic Products

All our products in-store are locally sourced and imported from their country of origin.

The Best Suppliers

We were the first ethnic food store in Brandon in 2006 and we are still here to date.

Affordable Prices

A wide selection of products with reasonable pricing.